Could corporate physiotherapy services help in your workplace?

Corporate physiotherapy can reduce absenteeism. Back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders are the biggest cause of sickness absence in the workplace. They account for nearly a third of the total time taken off sick from work.  Suffering from aches and pains decrease the productivity of staff and compromises their ability to focus 100% on the task at hand

The average cost of an employee being absent from work can commonly cost between £100 and £350 per day.  Working with traditional rehabilitation models it can be 3 months before an employee with an injury receives treatment, thus costing the employer somewhere in the region of £6000, or £21,000 if the cost of the absent individual is at the higher end of the scale

In the current economic climate, small-medium enterprises (SMEs) may not feel they have the resources to implement health & wellbeing programmes. However, employers in all businesses and organisations, whatever their size and resources, can take positive action to reduce the costs of ill-health.

We recognise that working environments vary greatly and therefore tailor our approach accordingly.  Advanced Injury Management utilises a range of cost-effective and clinically proven approaches to treating and preventing workplace injuries. They are proven to have substantial business benefits for organisations of all sizes. Similar schemes have demonstrated returns of up to £40.00 for every £1.00 invested in terms of reduced absence rates & improved staff retention by providing an in-house physiotherapy service for its staff.

Businesses, organisations and staff need to be resilient in the workplace and good physical health is key to developing resilience.

Our experience in elite performance, working under high pressure to return injured individuals to function as quickly and effectively as possible is readily translated into the working environment by application of similar rehabilitation principles to benefit your business.  We realise that early intervention is key to maintaining a healthy, productive workforce.

We can provide a range of work-based physiotherapy solutions which can:

  • Prevent people from going off work in the first place
  • Get people back to work on normal duties
  • Facilitate a managed return to work on normal duties
  • Deliver a cost-effective physiotherapy service to employers to treat specific injuries