Sports Physio

We use advanced and cutting-edge injury management techniques from the treatment room through to outside rehabilitation. This includes our new innovative Rehab in the Park.

Our therapists are academically proven and have worked with elite sportsman

We understand the importance of your need.

Sportsmen and women usually have tight schedules. When an injury occurs it halts, reduces or undermines planning of training and events.

  • Loss of ambition
  • Frustration
  • Conflicting advice

What you want is a diagnosis and prognosis

  • We will give you an accurate diagnosis with recovery timeframes
  • We will refer on to recommended specialists if required

We aim to give you this on the first session

Advanced techniques including plyometrics, sling work, cardiovascular

All within the limits of your stage of healing – this is not personal training or pure performance management. It is designed to coincide with your bodies healing timeframes. The result is optimal recovery and a significant reduction in re-injury or regression

Nutrition and psychological support

  • Fast tacks all aspects of recovery
  • Not to be afraid to train hard post recovery

Athlete management and performance enhancement

  • Optimises recovery
  • Faster, stronger, fitter

Multidisciplinary Sessions

  • Combined sessions to augment all facets of your healing, as all are interdependent. Mind body and soul.

Clear objectives and measurement

  • We’ll show you your progression based on accurate measurement tools

And more

  • Treatment products and supplements proven to facilitate faster healing
  • A management package to integrate into your lifestyle as part of your continued rehabilitation pathway
  • Online access via your own management page – go to page
  • Transit from the treatment room to outdoor rehabilitation – Rehab in the Park